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Creating a WhatsApp link to send a message without saving a phone number.

The technology to help small business owners thrive!

Local Ads

Help clients promote their business through location-targeted, search advertising on YeLWaN to an audience who is likely to buy.

Profile Upgrades

Help clients drive their customers to measurable, conversion-rich actions by upgrading their YeLWaN business profile.
Profile upgrade features, such as a Call or Send to WhatsApp.


Button are designed to contact you online viewers into real-world customers without saving a phone number to send a message or call.

Location Maps

Linked your Google map and create a offline map button are designed to reach your customer who is not online and you will use for your business card
permanently your location map code. For example click here

Listing Management

Manage and update business information on clients’ YeLWaN profiles such as business name, WhatsApp, phone, website, and other critical business details.
Accurate location data helps more customers find your clients. For more information please contact us.

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Link your website to your listing, so that customers are automatically directed to your website. Add your WhatsApp number to have your customers connect to you with just one click. Provide your location so that they can find their way to you!


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